Sussex Weather 5th-14th August

A quick look at the weather:

A fine and dry evening today (5th) will lead into a dry night and a fine morning, although it will be a bit breezier than it has been today.  Mostly dry through the morning but some showers will crop up through the afternoon, which could hit anywhere, with some places staying dry.  Sunday will see an increase in the showers, but the day won’t be a total write off.  Not as warm as it has been, but not cold, with a temperature range over the weekend of 20-23°C.

The start of the working week looks a bit damp and murky on Monday, but I think it will soon cheer up and by the middle of the week things are looking good.  Temperatures could well be heading into the mid-twenties by Wednesday and Thursday.

The end of the week looks like there is a chance of some showery rain, but we’re a long way off yet.  Certainly the weekend is looking to see a breakdown, with Saturday the wettest day – so bear that in mind and keep an eye on the forecast if you are heading to Airbourne or Pride over the weekend.

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