Sussex Weather for Week Beginning 10th July 2011


After a dry night, with temperatures down to around 12-14°C, Monday will be a fine, dry and often sunny day, especially along the coast.  There may be some cloudier spells though, especially across the High Weald.  Temperatures up to a rather pleasant 22-25°C.


Not as sunny as Monday, but I think that there will still be places that see the golden orb, although cloud will thicken as a front moves in towards the end of the day.  This will generate some overnight rain, which may be heavy in places, and I think all of us will see some of it.  Slightly cooler than Monday, with temperatures in the low to mid 20’s, peaking out around 24°C.


After the overnight rain clears, it will be a day of variable cloud, with the chance of seeing some sun, and temperatures around average at 22°C


As it stands at the moment, Thursday is looking to be quite a pleasant day, with some decent sunshine and warm temperatures, around 23°C


Not as sunny as Thursday, mostly cloudy but it should be dry.  Still pleasant at around 22-24°C

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