Keeping BRTV Alive

I have been humbled by the popularity of Briefcase Rail Train View since it launched: any problems the site has immediately get complaints from users.

The project started as just something to mess about with, using the Network Rail Data Feeds, but it has become very popular and I regularly receive calls at work with suggestions, e-mails with ideas and Tweets requesting new routes!

All of this comes at the cost of time (I have to fit it in around a job which takes up around 50-60 hours a week) and money (I have to rent a server that runs 24/7, receiving the data feeds for every train that passes every signal on every line, plus all the TRUST messages and eventually VSTP feeds, as well as handling the WTT, which runs to almost 7,000,000 lines).

With this in mind, and the desire to keep BRTV free, I am considering using the Amazon Associates programme to offset some of the costs. Basically, there will be a link on the page which, if you shop with Amazon, I ask you to use every time you enter the site. If you do this, for every item you purchase, BRTV will receive a small percentage.

Basically, if you do this, I get some money of your purchase to keep the site running, if you don’t Amazon get it!

I’d be interested in your views on this, please feel free to Tweet me, or, if you know me personally, chat to me about it.


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